Rabu, Maret 18, 2009

Tidak Perlu Selingkuh Untuk Bercerai

Tidak Perlu Selingkuh Untuk Bercerai

Ya, tidak perlu selingkuh untuk bercerai.

Dalam banyak kasus perceraian, terjadinya perselingkuhan dengan PIL atau WIL yang menjadi penyebab suami mencerai istri atau istri menggugat cerai suami.

Hal seperti itu sungguh menyedihkan. Betapa sedihnya melihat istri kita berselingkuh dengan pria lain. Betapa sedihnya melihat suami kita berselingkuh dengan wanita lain. Oh, tidaaaakkk!!! Selingkuh itu tidak baik. Jadilah suami atau istri yang baik. Terimalah pasangan kita apa adanya. Kalau kita mau menerima kelebihannya, kita juga harus mau menerima kekurangannya.

Kang Kombor bercerai. Ya, bercerai. Namun, bukan bercerai dengan istri. Kang Kombor bercerai dengan layanan Blackberry Internet Service Indosat. Bukan karena Kang Kombor selingkuh dengan layanan BIS dari operator lain melainkan karena Kang Kombor ingin memisahkan nomor untuk bertelepon dan nomor untuk berblackberry. Kang Kombor punya pengalaman bahwa pada saat telepon dan BIS dalam satu nomor, sering sekali nomor Kang Kombor sulit dihubungi. Begitu pun pada saat Kang Kombor mau nelpon sering mendapati notifikasi no path available atau congestion. Nelpon jadi nggak asyik kalau begitu. Oleh karenanya, Kang Kombor memutuskan untuk mencerai layanan BIS dari layanan telepon.

Setelah bercerai dengan BIS Indosat barulah Kang Kombor meminang BIS XL. Posting ini Kang Kombor bikin dengan pasangan baru Blackberry Kang Kombor. Mudah-mudahan bertelepon menjadi nyaman kembali.

Maaf buat yang mengira Kang Kombor bercerai dengan istri. Insya' Allah tidaklah. Kang Kombor bersyukur memiliki istri yang tidak cemburu dengan Blackberry. Susah loh punya suami yang lebih dekat dengan Blackberrynya daripada sama istrinya, hehehe...

Jumat, Maret 13, 2009

Edit Comment Before Publishing in Blogger Blog

I visited Vicky Laurentina’s blog just now to give her a courtesy visit after she commenting on my post. I read her newest post and left a comment too. What made me surprised was Blogger did not publish my comment directly but gave me a chance to edit or publish my comment. It was my first experience in facing that feature. A good feature, I thought. We all know that we need a plugin in wordpress to give commentators five seconds to edit their comments. A plugin that runs java script so mobile visitors do not see that feature. I do not know whether mobile visitors will se the same feature in a Bloggers blog. But, if that feature is set permanently, Blogger has made a good step forward.

I visited Blogger in draft to seek for information. But, on its newest post, Blogger in draft wrote about better mobile posting.

Blogger offered mobile posting via SMS, MMS or email. The feature is still in draft. So, if you want to activate it you have to go to draft.blogger.com to configure your mobile posting. Enable SMS or MMS for your mobile device by clicking on the gray phone icon next to your blog name. The picture below is taken from Blogger in draft. I took it to give you a visual display of how to enable SMS or MMS to your mobile device.

To read the rest instruction and guidance, please read directly from Better Mobile Posting.

Kamis, Maret 12, 2009

I Got No Indosat Signal Since 6 PM Yesterday

I Got No Indosat Signal Since 6 PM Yesterday

I am a customer of Indosat. A matrix customer. From 6 PM yesterday, Indosat signal lose from my Blackberry 8707. On the signal sign only a SOS code appeared. I thought that it was a temporarily network problem. I had experienced with Indosat signal loss last year. Everyday (last year), during 9 PM to 10 PM, Indosat signal went away. I could do nothing except waiting for network to recover.

But, it was not a temporarily network problem I faced since yesterday. I wait until this morning to see the signal appear. But, it did not appear. To look for software problem, I took my battery out from my Blackberry 8707, let it for 5 minutes and then plug back to the hand held. But, the problem still existed.

I then called Indosat Call Center. My call was received by Tya. She told me to take the battery out and then plug it back after five minutes like what I have done. I said that it solve nothing. She then asked about other people using Indosat around me whether they faced same problem or not. I answered that I did not know people using Indosat around me. I was in my home and most of my neighbors I had their numbers did not use Indosat. Then she suggest me to try my SIM card to another hand phone. I took my old Siemens M75 and inserted Indosat card in then switched on the phone. No network was caught. M75 screen showed Network search. The Network search sign is lasting until now.

I made second call around 11 AM and Julia received my call. I told her my problem and everything I have done to overcome the problem. She said that my problem would be escalated to network guy to be helped to be solved. Julia asked my other number to be contacted if the problem solved.

Till 3.30 PM (my computer time), my Siemens M75 still showed Network search. I then called Indosat Call Center again. This occasion, a guy named Donny took my call. I asked him to open ticket so that my problem could be monitored. He said that my problem was still in their solving progress. I asked whether I should go to Galeri Indosat to change my SIM card or not. He said that it would not be necessary. He told me to wait because my problem has been handled. My question was, when will my problem solved?

There was no network problem. I had sit side by side with a friend of mine that also uses matrix. He got no problem. The signal was full on is handheld. I also have no bill problem. I never late in paying my phone bill. But, frankly, this problem is so weird. Do someone get same problem with me?

Jumat, Maret 06, 2009

Blogrolling 2.0 Has Been Alive

Blogrolling 2.0 Has Been Alive

I got back to Blogrolling after found its launhing had been delayed on last March 2, 2009. Yes, Blogrolling 2.0 is alive now.

But, it was not as complete as former Blogrolling. There is no tool to ad Blogroll It button to be dragged to my browser toolbar. I do not know whether old Blogroll It button works with Blogrolling 2.0 or not. I have loss Blogroll It button becauise I ever completely uninstalled firefox from my PC. Everything was wiped, including Blogroll It button. I never back my browser configuration up.

Disregard to the nonexistence of Blogroll It button code to be dragged, I welcome back Blogrolling. I am staisfied with your service. But, for this time forward untill … (I don’t know when), I will still be a free user. It is OK for me if you would show ads on my blogroll. You have right to do that to support yourself providing free service for free users like me.


Untuk yang pernah minta tukeran link dan belum Kang Kombor tambahkan sehubungan dengan diperbaikinya Blogrolling beberapa waktu lalu. Please let me know again. Kang Kombor lupa permintaan itu ada di posting yang mana saja. Ada sih ketemu beberapa tapi sepertinya ada juga yang belum ketemu.

Kamis, Maret 05, 2009

Indonesia Is Not Producer of Spam

Indonesia Is Not Producer of Spam

According to Cisco, Indonesia is not a producer of spam but merely played a role as victim. The facts was disclosed by Cisco by its annual report on internet attacks during 2008. Number one spam producer was United States, followed by Turkey and Russia. I got this news from Detik.

Prio Utomo, Director Systems Engineering-Technology Cisco Indonesia, said that Indonesia was only become victim from more of 200 billions spam that circling in internet everyday. He did knot knew whether Indonesian people were not able to produce spam or because Indonesian people are good people.

In addition to spam, Cisco also mention other ways of cyber crime mode used in attacking along 2008. They are phishing, reputation hijacking, social engineering and botnet.

I am glad to know that Indonesia is not a producer of spam. Hope that Indonesia people are good people who do not want to harm others by producing spam and send it to the internet. In my opinion, I think that Indonesian coders were able to produce spam since there are many cyber expert in Indonesia. But, they don’t think that producing spam is worth to do. They are not proud of being mentioned as spammers.

Google Allows MFA Sites

Google Allows MFA Sites

It comes to my mind last night, a stupid statement of mine that Google allows MFA sites. Yes, Made For AdSense sites.

Here is my explanation.

Last year I learn from Jacky Supit that AdSense Publishers could be banned by Google if he only run MFA sites. Sites publishes Google AdSense have to be real sites with real contents, not scam or scrap. But, in fact, there are lots of MFA sites with unreal contents on the internet publishing Google AdSense and Google does nothing to them. It is my first reason in stating that Google allows MFA sites.

Second reason is AdSense for Domain that was released by Google. I think that by releasing Google for Domain which is used by AdSense publishers to publish AdSense on fake pages, Google has made itself as a supporter of MFA sites. Google supports people scamming the internet or filling internet with scraps.

I do not know the way Google thinks except a reason that Google itself is benefited from those MFA sites including pages to park domains. Google makes money from activities of scamming the internet through AdSense clicks made by people visiting MFA sites or fake pages. AdSense clicks flow revenues to publisher and Google too. Then, why Google will be bothered with garbage on the internet while it makes big money from that?

I know that my thoughts above are stupid thoughts. But, if you can be frankly in viewing that phenomenon, I think you are going to stand after me or beside me, saying that Google allows MFA sites. Then, after that, people live in difficulties. They are difficult to look for real contents on the internet.

Arghhh… I am not going to be angry with you if you also think that what I have written above also fake contents to attract ads appear on my page. It is up to you. I only share my thoughts and views about Google behavior.