Monetizing Blog To Earn Money From Internet With Google AdSense and PPC Program

Monetizing Blog To Earn Money From Internet With Google AdSense and PPC Program

Many people are attracted to make money online while another part of people are skeptical with that online business. There are people that do not believe to the practice of make money online although many people engaged to the business has proven their earning from internet.

There are many ways to make money online. You can develop an online store to sell stuffs online. You can offer your services through a website. To find an easier way, you can make money online from your blog through blog monetization. There are some programs you can sign up. For example, there are Pay Per Click program, CPM, affiliate marketing, selling text links and paid reviews. Different people have different interest. There are people succeed in pay per click program and the other succeed in affiliate marketing. But, also people that are success with paid reviews.

Pay Per Click

Example of Pay Per Click program:


Example of CPM program:

Affiliate Marketing

Example of Affiliate Marketing

  • Amazon Associates
  • Chitika
  • Commission Junction

Selling text links

Example of selling text links from our blog:

Paid Reviews

Example of Paid Reviews Program:

Which One Is Easiest?

From my experience, publishing Google AdSense is the easiest way to earn money from our blog. It can be said that Google AdSense does not require particular number of page views per month. It also does not ask us to provide pagerank or alexa rank. The only way to make ads appear on our blog is only writing in supported language. We can write about everything we like on every subject we love. It is different with paid review where we shall write about something ordered that in some cases, are out of our interest.

Of course, we can write everything we like on every subject we love. But, still, the traffic to our blog will determine how much cents or dollars we will earn from Google AdSense. We can not forgot to optimize our blog to search engine by implementing search engine optimization methods. Besides, we also have to do AdSense Optimization. We can do that by ads placement targeting or implementing section targeting. After that, cents or dollar will go to our Google AdSense Account and I think that you are going to love this PPC program from our lovely Google.

Bantu saya dengan membagi artikel di atas ke media sosial:

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Nice info. Thanks for sharing.

Selamat asiapoker dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...

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