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Alexa Rank Analysis For Amazon Autoblogs Domains

Alexa Rank analysis for amazon autoblog domains.

I have autoblogged some of my unused domains for about a month. They are truly used for autoblogged using amazon RSS feeds. To be your ease, there are 5 domains I have exploited to amazon autoblog activity.

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I logged the domains Alexa Rank for my analysis purpose, starting from October 29, 2009. My autoblogs gave me good news. Their Alexa Rank are being better from time to time. I can say that the increase of Alexa Rank of that domains were fast enough to be admired. I am not telling you lies. I will show you the log of that domains.
Alexa Rank 2009-10-29
S**bak**s.com 12.675.278
**tonar***.com 23.105.083
*ow***n*s.net 2.787.589
*om***.Biz 1.436.600
****aku.com 1.187.952
Alexa Rank 2009-10-30
S**bak**s.com 6.694.871
**tonar***.com 15.485.572
*ow***n*s.net 2.353.117
*om***.Biz 1.342.853
****aku.com 1.147.605
Alexa Rank 2009-10-31
S**bak**s.com 6.705.318
**tonar***.com 15.507.071
*ow***n*s.net 2.266.804
*om***.Biz 1.290.940
****aku.com 1.130.684
Alexa Rank 2009-11-01
S**bak**s.com 6.705.318
**tonar***.com 15.507.071
*ow***n*s.net 2.266.804
*om***.Biz 1.290.940
****aku.com 1.130.684

Data above showed that during that short period of time, the Alexa Rank for all domains were averagely increasing. Look at October 29 and October 30, s**bak**s.com and **tonar***.com gave a fabulous increase. On October 29, s**bak**s.com got 12.675.278 and 6.694.871 on October 30. The same fact was happened to **tonar***.com that got 23.105.083 on October 29 and 15.485.572 on October 30.

I won’t take a conclusion with this Alexa Rank analysis. You can conclude it yourself. If you are still unable to take a conclusion, please look at today’s Alexa Rank for that domains:
Alexa Rank 2009-11-19
S**bak**s.com 3.706.174
**tonar***.com 5.559.036
*ow***n*s.net 1.932.484
*om***.Biz 914.827
****aku.com 873.636

Unfortunately, all of above domains gave no pagerank increase during analysis period. No up nor down.

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Alexa Rank Analysis For Amazon Autoblogs Domains
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