Lewis Hamilton F1 2008 World Champion

After a very tight battle, Lewis Hamilton claimed his world champion title.

It was a hard race for Hamilton. He started the race from fourth position. He was stil safe on fourth position on race start. But, after riders went to pit stop to change to dry tyre, Hamilton was left in seventh position. It is not safe for Hamilton. On sixth position was Jarno Truly who would help Massa to claim wolrd champion title. So was on five position, Fisichela. I think everybody did not want Hamilton to win the championship.

Thank God for saving Hamilton. Truly was slipped. He dropped to eighth position. Then, Hamilton could pass fifth position from Fisichela that in purposely make Hamilton lost his time.

Hamilton is 2008 world champion!

But, it is still 37 laps to be finished.


  1. wah, Kang kita posting F1 bersamaan...selamat buat lewis hamilton..jagoanku

  2. kalo lewis hamilton bisa juara F1 kayanya Obama juga jadi deh presiden US
    kan sama2 Black..
    salam kang


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