Google Allows MFA Sites

It comes to my mind last night, a stupid statement of mine that Google allows MFA sites. Yes, Made For AdSense sites.

Here is my explanation.

Last year I learn from Jacky Supit that AdSense Publishers could be banned by Google if he only run MFA sites. Sites publishes Google AdSense have to be real sites with real contents, not scam or scrap. But, in fact, there are lots of MFA sites with unreal contents on the internet publishing Google AdSense and Google does nothing to them. It is my first reason in stating that Google allows MFA sites.

Second reason is AdSense for Domain that was released by Google. I think that by releasing Google for Domain which is used by AdSense publishers to publish AdSense on fake pages, Google has made itself as a supporter of MFA sites. Google supports people scamming the internet or filling internet with scraps.

I do not know the way Google thinks except a reason that Google itself is benefited from those MFA sites including pages to park domains. Google makes money from activities of scamming the internet through AdSense clicks made by people visiting MFA sites or fake pages. AdSense clicks flow revenues to publisher and Google too. Then, why Google will be bothered with garbage on the internet while it makes big money from that?

I know that my thoughts above are stupid thoughts. But, if you can be frankly in viewing that phenomenon, I think you are going to stand after me or beside me, saying that Google allows MFA sites. Then, after that, people live in difficulties. They are difficult to look for real contents on the internet.

Arghhh… I am not going to be angry with you if you also think that what I have written above also fake contents to attract ads appear on my page. It is up to you. I only share my thoughts and views about Google behavior.


  1. Nobody will be banned when do MFA, cause google get a lot of money from there :)

  2. Its should be a MFA site that will make one's google adsense account banned. As Pakistani Internet users got Ads of MFA sites too.



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