Make Money Online With Direct Ads or Selling Ads Space

Make Money Online With Direct Ads or Selling Ads Space.

Make money online using Google AdSense,Text Link Ads, Project Wonderful, Widget Bucks, Amazon Affiliates, review writing and so on has been explained by many experts. But, there are another ways to generate income using our website. One of them is selling ads space to place direct advertising.

Yeah, maybe the wright title for this post is make money online by selling ads space becaus the subject we want to discuss here is selling ads space on our website. But, who knows that selling ad s space with direct ads have the same meaning.

Selling ads space is not difficult. You only have to provide space on your website to be sold. You can divide the ads space in to some blocks. For example, you can provide five spaces. One on your header, one on your footer, one in your main content, two on your sidebar.

Next step is pricing. You have to set price up for your ads space. You can set it up based on impressions, clicks or a period of time. It is up to you. But, please consider to make your prices are reasonable and interesting to your prospects.

After setting price up, promote your ads space. Make an attractive banner to show that there are ads spaces to be sold. Provide a page to explain your service. You can put your ads space information and prices there. If you would like to provide terms and conditions, better if you tell your prospects.
Wait your order. I think that if your website has significant hit rates, pageviews, and search engine ranks, advertisers will rent your ads spaces. Then, your website will generate revenue to you.


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