Glass Storage Containers

I believe that every of us has kitchen in our home and we need clean and hygiene storage for our food. Well, like me, perhaps you are also looking for glass storage containers for that purpose.

I was visiting and came to the page of Snapware 18pc Glasslock Tempered Glass Storage Containers 18piece Set with Lids. It was not able to raise my interest until I read what customers said about the product.

Glass Storage Containers

Well, these products is All-Natural glass vessels with airtight lids that are ideal for serving and storing*Safe for microwave cooking. They are dishwasher safe, freezer/fridge safe, microwave safe, secure, easy open and have close latches.

Below is a quotation from a customer review about the product. Other reviews can be read here.

“I own a set of these as well as Pyrex glass storage boxes (a set of 3 square ones, 0.75L, 1.5L and 2.6L). I love them both. The majority of the containers in this set are smaller than the Pyrex ones. When I first saw them in a store, I had thought that they were too small to be useful (I use them to store leftovers), so I bought the Pyrex set instead. After using the Pyrex ones, I found them to be too big often times and hated having them take up rooms in my frig when they are half-empty (they are also heavy on the shelves). I went back to the store soon after to get this set and it's an excellent compliment to my Pyrex set. The glass is heavier than the Pyrex glass. The lids are water-tight while the Pyrex ones are not. They are dishwasher safe. I am so satisfied with them that I gave a set to my mother-in-law. I gave 4 stars because sometimes snapping open or close the lid on the largest size can put strains on my hands.” (Long Island Mom)


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