Anang's Blog Is a Blackberry Friendly Blogger's Blog

I spend most of my surfing time using Blackberry. I have no internet connection at home. Frankly, it is a pity to live in Tangerang but telephone network has not covered your area. Live in a satellite of Jakarta without wire telephone is worse than live in the middle of the wildest jungle without television. But, this is the fact. In my cluster, Graha Sevilla - Citra Raya, Telkom Indonesia has not shown its monopolistic power.

To overcome my internet connection non existence, I am used to connect myself to the internet using Telkomnet@Flexi. But, it was not good choice. Its speed is not reliable. Then, Flexi charges you with capacity base, not a time base usage. I ever spent a hundred thousands rupiahs an hour because I forgot to close my Outlook Express that downloaded thousands emails.

I then knew Blackberry with its features that fit my needs, push email and unlimited internet access using Blackberry Internet Service. Knowing that, I hunted a cheap Blackberry handheld and upgrade my Mentari to Matrix to subscribe to Indosat Blackberry Internet Service. My problem with internet access was solved.

But, surfing the internet using Blackberry push browser is far for ideal. I can't run javascript because it will make my Blackberry handheld hung. That what makes me unable to leave a comment on a javascript supported comment form (many wordpress blogs uses it) or Blogger inline comment system. Blackberry push browser still does not support javascript. Of course I can enable it but only pain that I will get in return if I do so.

I love Anang's blog. A blogger's blog with inline commenting system but still provide a link to Blogger's old commenting system. Visiting Anang's blog will not limit me to leave a comment. I suggest you, Blogger users to ask Anang on how to put link to Blogger's old commenting system to make your blog's commenting system mobile user's friendly.


Blog Anangku ramah pada pengguna Blackberry. Blog berplatform Blogger yang menggunakan inline commenting system itu dilengkapi dengan link ke formulir komentar Blogger yang lama sehingga pengguna Blackberry seperti Kang Kombor dapat berkomentar dengan mudah.


  1. why not to choose indosat 3,5G? Cheap, but powerful. 100.000 IDR, unlimited bandwith, 256kbps of speed. Enjoy! *halah ngawur boso enggresku*

  2. It's good to consider using unlimited broadband access such as TFlash or Indosat as Dhimas said.

  3. ga perlu nanya lha wong udah saya tuliskan bgmn caranya menambah link form komen lama disini

    ap kbr mas, lancar puasanya?

  4. Mas Anang tetap setia dengan blogspotnya ya?...salut buat blogger Anang..semoga bisa ktemu aku dengan beliau di SBY...arek suroboyo ...

  5. Komenku kang... mudik kapan?.. aku senin insya allah gpp nggak nyambung.. he2.. dah terima email ku kang?

  6. g4wabvspih3snl73


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