Recess Rally Website Could Not Be Opened

I was wondering about recess rally, keywords that became the highest trends on Google Trends when I opened it two minutes ago. I live in Indonesia so that I don’t know much about recess rally that held in The United States.

From Doug Ross @ Journal, I found an image linked to recess rally website. I want to know more about recess rally, thing that made a best trends on Google Trends.  You are right, I then followed the link. Hi Doug, I borrow your image to show my visitor what image I found on your journal.

But, what became my disappointment was that recess rally website could be opened. My browser suggested that it might be a broken link. Wow… what a pity. I wanted to know about recess rally from its very website but the link that was was broken.

I then went to Wikipedia to look for some information. Might be Wikipedia has had contents about recess rally. But, again, it came to my disappointment. Wikipedia had no information about recess rally. But, from its tag: We The People Say NO to Socialized Healthcare, I suggest that the rally is aimed to fight against Presiden Obama plan to reduce healthcare cost in The United States so that poor people can afford the better healthcare services.


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