Backlinks For Top 20 Commentators

Do you need backlinks? I do. I do need backlinks. My blog needs backlinks. To get them, I sometimes blogwalking and leave my comments oh that blogs. But, for sure, not every blog is dofollow. On the other hand, most of blogs are naturally nofollow like mine. I am considering to make it dofollow. I hope the decision can be taken soon.

image But, if you want to get sweet smile backlinks from my blog, I provide 20 rows for backlinks on my sidebar under Top Commentators widget. Do not comment using your google account (for Blogger users) if you want to get backlinks to your main blog.  Commenting using google account sends backlinks to your Blogger profile page that needs no backlinks.

Backlinks are important to our blog. It will determine our pagerank. More backlinks you get from reputable with relatively relevant topics, higher pagerank your blog will get. Therefore, besides collecting backlinks from your own dummy blogs, getting backlinks from dofollow blog posts (from comments you leave) and getting direct links from other blogs are important. From this blog, you will get your direct link. The only requirement is you leave comments as much as possible to be listed in Top Commentators links. There are 20 rows provided.

You know, o-om has claimed his first position with 66 comments followed by Diah with 60 comments. On the third position is Jimmy with 32 comments. All of Top Commentators member are great bloggers with high reputation. They earn their high traffic, pagerank and alexa rank because their dedication in providing useful information to their readers. But, they do not mind to blogwalk and leave their comment on other blogs. My two thumbs up for them.

Now, it is the time for you to take their positions. Be in the Top Commentator lists. Leave your comments as much as possible. Sometimes in the future, if I decide to make this blog dofollow, you will get nice smile from your left comments.

Have a nice week en, then.


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