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I have decided to do wordpress to blogger migration or move from wordpress to blogspot. Blogger is the first blog engine I knew in 2000. Frankly, I still love it. But, perhaps you will say that I am morom because if you know my reason to migrate my blog from wordpress to blogger. While most of people are moving from blogger to wordpress, I did the opposite, moving my blog from wordpress to blogspot.

Actually, I import all of my wordpress blog posts from wordpress to blogger because I was tired with web hosting things. I have experienced webhosting problem more than five times. It was enough to have many times facing webhosting problems. In my view, blogspot that hosts millions of blogs is better. Down time experienced by blogspot is a rare happens. It only down while google does maintenance. And, it takes no more than hours to up again. So different with my last webhosting provider. It was down more than a week. I have been contacted by TLA guys three times because its crawler could not find sold text links on my blog posts. And, what made me upset, TLA has gave me final notice. It is a disaster if not a catastrophe.

How to migrate from wordpress to blogger? How to move from wordpress to blogspot?

It is unlucky that I have not had a chance to back up my blog at the last three months. A bad example for bloggers that have to back up contents in a regular basis with discipline. But, what make me feel luck was a fact that I had a WXR file I downloaded from wordpress three months ago. I then split the WXR file to small files about 0.1 MB. The last work I did was converting that small WXR files to XML files so that I could import them from Blogger dashboard. Thanks to WordPress2Blogger converter utility that help me much in the migration process.

I had to split WXR file into small WXR files because WordPress2Blogger converter utility only is able to convert less than 1 MB WXR file. I have tried 0.8 MB, 0.5 MB, 0.3 MB and all were failed to be converted. Lucky me because when I tried 0.1 MB of WXR files, WordPress2Blogger converter utility worked well. I had 52 XML files to be imported to Blogger. From those 52 files, 3 files failed to be imported. I then reposted failed posts from WindowsLiveWriter post archive. It was #2 lucky thing, blogging with WindowsLiveWriter.

The Hope

I wish Google reindex my pages as fast as possible. I won’t lie to you that I loss thousands of hits because the webhosting outage and than the migration process. I did not know whether Google Webmaster has a tool for assisting the URL migration or not and I lacked of time to do internet search about that subject.

Then, here it is, Kombor.com with Blogger, hosted on blogspot. My second hope is that people will not mind about the migration.


  1. no, i don't mind. In fact, you can just focus on the content, not the hosting problems.

  2. pindahan juga kang akhirnya,,,,btw, SERP nya gimana tu kang??

    saya juga berencana pindahan, tapi takut URL ddo google nya gak update dan bikin turun pengunjung :(


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