Write For People Dont Write For Google


Sometimes, in order to be ranked number one on first Google SERP or other search engine, bloggers tend to write for search engine and forget to write for people. Yet, search engine is not human. It has no feelings or thoughts. Search engine ranks web page based on its own algorithm that might be different from one search engine to another.

For a short time purpose, writing mainly for search engine can help us put our page on the best rank on SERP page. But, I think that we shall do continuous optimization to keep our page on that position. On page and off page SEO have to be done every time. I see it is so tiring. We will loss much time only to keep the page stay on the best rank.

SEOed pages that actually written for search engine indeed make www full of useless contents. I remember that ten years ago SERP lead me to useful things that I looked for. But nowadays, search engine direct us sometimes to unexpected pages. If such activities (writing for search engines) continues, I am afraid that no one will searching things on search engine. I do not know where people shall search important things on the internet five years from now.

Google guys, in fact, suggest us to write for people, not write for search engine. Because, if we write for people, there is big chance that visitors came to our page would not be reluctant to bookmark our page if they find something useful on our page. But, if they find our page is full of nothing except a cluster of keywords, they would not revisit our page.

Writing good quality contents for people will lead our pages to be pillar contents that will voluntarily being dugg, retweet, or shared to various bookmarking or social networking sites. Traffics from search engines continuously arrived in our pages without extra effort to do on page and off page SEO.

But, unfortunately, recently people are good in SEO but lack in producing good contents. If they own both qualities, I think that internet is going to be more beautiful and sexier. But, what make me sad is a fact that I don’t even have quality to produce good contents nor SEO expertise. What a pity!

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