7033 Visitors Per Day

I was in a narcism mood. While in that such situation, I like to seek everything about my domains. Some of my domains. Their pagerank, alexa rank, visitors statistics and more.

Well, it came to my surprise when Statbrain told me that there are 7033 visitors a day stopping by at kombor.com. Was that number correct? I have no idea about that. I did not cross check it to Google Analytics because I was afraid that my activities in remigrating its webhosting would caused no valid data to analytics. I was not sure that analytics tracking code still installed on kombor.com.

Migrating from blogspot to wordpress always boosts alexa rank increase. I have proven it several times. But, migrating from wordpress to blogspot sometimes results the contrary. I have proven it too. After this blog migrated from wordpress to blogspot, its alexa rank dropped fast. Its alexa rank raised again significantly after remigratingback to wordpress. And again, this blog is experiencing alexa rank drop after moving to blogspot again.

It is hard to SEO blogspot blog. Harder than seoing wordpress blogs. But, I have been satisfied with webhosting problem. I can't afford a VPS or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is my affordable package. But, it seems that shared hosting has become not suitable for this blog. Then, moving back to blogspot was the most realistic way out for me.

What made me wondering is the 7033 number of visits per day. I feel that it is not reflecting what this blog picture. I am not believe in that datum. But, unfortunately, I have no data to be compared to. What a pity.

I wish there were minimum 15000 visitors a day to this blog. LOL...


  1. mangstab,blogku cuma 10 visit he he

  2. kang saya ubek ubek cari tutorial autoblog yang menampilkan feed secara keseluruhan untuk blog yang feednya di set summary kok gak ketemu ya? pluginnya namanya apa kang?

  3. Ada kok pipes untuk munculin full text. Ayo cari! Jangan menyerah dulu.


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