A Post Test Using BloGTK

I am new in linux world. In my mind so far, linux was similar with difficulties. I have to type sudo /etc/bla-bla-bla every time. Windows gives me convenience doing everything. Why do I have to leave all the ease?

My mind changed while I realize that I had a PC with illegal copy of XP Pro. It has to be installed with legal operating system. My choice was buy windows license or using FOSS. I decided to choose installing FOSS. Then, ubuntu was my next choice. I requested a CD from ubuntu. CD of ubuntu 9.04.

Now, I have updgraded my ubuntu 9.04 to karmic koala or 9.10.

Blogging is my hobby. I have to post something to my blog. Then, I looked for linux blog manager. From ubuntu software center, I found Blog Entry Poster and BloGTK. Both were installed in my PC. Blog Entry Poster was installed first. But, it is lack of inserting image feature. Then I installed BloGTK. From its screen, BloGTK promise me many things. BloGTK has image insertion feature. But, our picture has to be on the internet first.

This post was written with BloGTK. And below is my image entry test.

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