Antimony in Zhu Zhu Pets Above 2% Dangerous Level

Zhu Zhu Pets is recently famous. Google Trends  recorded it in top 100 trends last week. This week, zhu zhu pets recall in the 100 lists. Zhu zhu pets was famous because it has antimony above 2% dangerous level. Antimony in zhu zhu pets 120 ppm. New federal limit of antimony is 60 ppm.

zhu zhu pets harmster

Antimony is believed to be dangerous so that recalling is sounded by people. But,according to Tim Worstall on, in low doses, antimony is not dangerous.

Antimony can have beneficial effects when used for medical reasons. It has been used as a medicine to treat people infected with parasites.

Tim said in his closing paragraph that worth noting that one of the major uses of antimony is as a fire retardant: we've not seen mass outbreaks of cancer, heart or lung disease from this, have we? Especially when the government insists that crib mattresses for babies use antimony as a fire retardant.

Are there books about antimony we can read? Yes. I have picked some of them for you if you want to know deeper about antimony.

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